New Plans Page for the Game, including TODO List

So I decided to make an actual TODO List that is ordered properly. Should make organization easier!

I have split the Pages up too, in order to not have that huge of a Wall of Text. ^^


I’m curious, at what point in the process will be there something publicly playable? Do you plan on doing it like GregTech, where it is continuously being worked on, or doing a full ‘release’ once it is more feature-complete?


Constantly being worked on. I’m not holding back any Releases for more than a week each. :wink:


So as we’re coming up for that time, let’s have some new game QA.

Do you have a working title for this new game?
Do you know how long it will be before we see a playable alpha build?
Where will you post new game info and updates?
How can we help out?


Yes, and Step 1 is literally setting up the Domain for it, which is why I am not telling it yet. Likely gonna happen in the coming week or the week after, depending on how long searching for a good top level domain takes (mostly waiting for @OvermindDL1 since I would like live advice on how to do everything and which registrars are good).

Still considering if I am making a long Name (“XYZ of MN”) or with Subtitle (“MN - the XYZ World”) or a short Name (just “MN”) with MN and XYZ being the obvious placeholders. Probably gonna use the short one since Factorio doesn’t need something Acronymifizable, so why would I?

All I can say about the name that the only real downside is that people are very likely gonna typo it a lot. But hey, Minceraft and Minecraft are the same kinda typo so that’s fine. XD

Playable as in barebones Creative Mode? Maybe Spring or Summer, depending on how you define playable. ^^

I plan to add a bunch of new Forum Categories here for that, and move the Minecraft specific ones to the bottom of the Categories List. Also Domain is gonna change (old domain will still work ofc)

Well uhh, contribute to the Code? I really need to setup everything first, which is what might take all January. (along with the 1 more week of GT6 because I didn’t get my shit together this week)

If you mean money, I am even considering ditching Patreon if Domain Costs and such are low enough (which they very likely are). I dont really need money myself to survive, so I can do whatever I want without any financial care as long as I dont spend stupid amounts of money on garbage (which I dont).


Sounds good, you’ll need to tell us about your dev environment setup and language once you’ve decided.


It is insanely likely it’s gonna be IDEA + Rust.