New hoe mechanic

New hoe mechanic:
When hoe is used, the game checks, what type of rock is below the dirt layer. The harder this type rock is, the more durability is lost. The same with shovels and electric drills.


Yeah I am gonna deny that one right away, especially for Shovels and Drills. It’s just a mechanic that doesn’t really make sense to have durability lost because of adjacent Blocks. Like how would that react to Bedrock? Instantly breaking the Tool because unbreakable? Even if it doesn’t actually do that, it still is what people would end up fearing would happen.


I mean, it isnt that bad idea. Would make Underground Farming a bit expensiv. Otherwise its pretty useless.


I’m also not quite getting the point to this change, are you simulating the act of hitting your hoe against the hard layer underneath? Can’t say I’ve caused much damage to a shovel from banging into a rock or concrete other than scratching it.