Nether's lava spring hurts game balance

Please forgive me for using Google Translate as my English is faulty.
Nether’s lava-liquid spring can get infinitely more lava by using a drain.
Even the most powerful heat exchanger can be easily activated.
Is this what was intended?

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Well, according to the change log…

Generates also Oil Springs if it’s close enough to Bedrock. Those are Random and have an average speed of 1 Bucket per MC Day (20 mins). That can be turned off via Config.

and …

[ADDED] Infinite Lava Springs and Infinite Water Springs (the way I do it for Oil already) to the Worldgen in form of additional Water and Lava Pockets.

I would say they aren’t supposed to be infinite.
(EDIT: I mean, they are supposed to be infinite but infinitely respawning, not infinitely remaining with a drain cover on them.
One bucket a day…)

I checked the source though and this is what i found:

		new WorldgenFluidSpring("overworld.fluid.water"         , T, Blocks.water          ,  0,  1, 50, 50,   0,  16, null, F, FL.Water.make(1), 10, GEN_OVERWORLD, GEN_GT, GEN_PFAA);
		new WorldgenFluidSpring("overworld.fluid.lava"          , T, Blocks.lava           ,  0,  1, 50, 50,   0,  16, null, F, FL.Lava.make(1000), 10, GEN_OVERWORLD, GEN_GT, GEN_PFAA);
		new WorldgenFluidSpring("nether.fluid.lava"             , T, Blocks.lava           ,  0,  1, 90, 25,   0,  16, null, F, FL.Lava.make(1), 10, GEN_NETHER);

Oils and gasses have a conditional for FL.*.make which means a config setting for infinite oil and infinite gas must be true. This doesn’t seem to be the case with water or lava springs.
I would assume this problem isn’t just in the nether, but in the overworld too.


Thank you for your answer.
I think this is what happened because it was a setup error, so I’m going to stop sucking the lava out of the drain.
I hope that will change in the next update.


Wait what? Why is Infinite Lava from the NETHER of all places bad? I just dont want people to go and lag havoc with Rotational Pumps, that’s why they can get infinite Lava from those Pockets. And yes it regenerates extremely fast.

If you dont want them, disable their generation in the Config, or literally just dont use them. :wink:


So FL.lava.make(1) means respawn time of one tick?


Yeah I abused Fluid Amount as Probability, with 1 being 100% and 1000 being “1 in 1000”. XD