Nagging, whine, whimper

Screenshot (38)E


Yes I know I got sucked in by GT6 again. I can only do one thing at a time. Sometimes I do hate how uncontrollable I am in those regards…

Right now there is just a big barrier of entry for Mechaenetia, which is “learning how to do Stuff” and “building some sort of infrastructure first”, while in GT6 everything is there already, and I can just do Stuff.

At the very least I am pretty sure there is no other random Games for me to try out that could delay things even worse.

Edit: How did the Forum let you post that actually? putting just an Image without at least a few Words below should have blocked you from posting (at least it blocks ME from posting, and I am the damn Admin)


hm. if i recall correctly, it only restricted me in the name of topic needing to be long, so i found synonims for “nag”. also, i posted two images at once so maybe that affects it (?)