My setup - an image gallery

@Bazongo asked me about my setup a while back so I thought I would post a few screenshots for anyone interested.

Here’s my town map, the town is about a year old so I’ll just focus on the building with the stripy roof for now, bottom right.

This is my workshop. My fuel source is mainly charcoal at the moment but I use Railcraft coke ovens as they don’t need to be manually lit and I have a ton of sand and clay. I’m sorry Greg, don’t ban me.

Inside, various RF machines up front…

Lower tier Bronze machines in the back.

Boilers and machines running on HU below.

I’ll leave it like that for now as I don’t know if too many screenshots will affect page loading.
If anyone is interested I can take more shots around ore processing and acid production if you want.

Feel free to share your own setup screenshots.


Lol a single GT6 Coke Oven is faster than all the Coke Ovens on your Screenshot combined, so you could perma-run a GT6 one without having to ignite it all the time and only ignite it whenever you add mor Wood to it.

I dont think a bunch of Screenshots would be bad for loading, especially since only the stuff you actually scroll to loads, so if you’re at the bottom of the page it wont load the images at the top until you scroll there.


Ha, yeah I realized the screenshots did literally nothing when the page reloaded instantly, I guess I haven’t really posted anything with images since the early days of the 'net.

I did have a Gregtech coke oven, early on. I stopped using it because I couldn’t provide enough logs to keep it running and I hated making a dozen flint and steel. Different now mind you.

early image for evidence:


Oh if you would have done that on the IC2 Forums it would have lagged like hell, but the GT Forums do downscale the images for display.


You can of course click on an image to get the full resolution as-uploaded image too. ^.^


I guess I found the most effective way to use GT6 drain covers. Efficiency is NumberOfDrainPipes /NumberOfSurfaceBlocksUsed. It looks like this:
Where ‘X’ is a pipe and a drain cover and ‘O’ is a water source block without a drain. Efficiency is 55.55%.


With Infinite Water Sources? The Most Efficient Way is attaching the Drain to an actual River, as that will fill the Pipes way faster.


Ther is my setup for solar farm and other machine half automated
first half of procesing plant for ore (crusher+sluicer)

steam power plant :smiley: 3x large invar boiler + stainllesteel turbine

setup for aluminium and silicon

solar farm has output about 10K Eu/t in day


Holy… that’s a lot of solar panels :smiley: You do manual mining or do you use some mods for that?


For the first 400 solar panels mined manualy, for the rest I using IC2exp advanced miner


Here’s my base for anyone interested:

I don’t quite have as many solar panels as @Dekker I only have 432 mainly because the aesthetics were important to me and his farm design offends my eyes. I have fully automated silicon production, aluminium, tungsten, titanium, ore processing of almost all relevant ores, circuit production of tiers 1, 3 and 6 I’m currently working on a system for automating production of certain alloys.


A tiny crystalline plate(for circuit parts) setup.
Water is actually piped to buzzsaws but it was done later.