My question of Hardware requirements about Greg's independent game

My question of Hardware requirements about Greg's independent game

I read the hardware part of the Greg’s gameplan.
After that, I was very curious about how the game works in such a low configuration.When I using my computer which bought in 2009 and refited in 2016(CPU:Three cores,2.1GHz;RAM :8GB-DDR3-1600MHz GPU:512MB),I feel the difficulty of this kind of machine.Even if I use the mods like FastCraft,BetterFps and Optifine to improve my fps.And adjust the video settings in large numbers.Also closed the Journey Map.But I only can run my own modpack(90mods,including GT6) with 10–20 fps in single player mode.Also run GTNH on server about 40fps.They are still very easy to crash when you inquire NEI’s recipes.And the fps is unstable.I am curious about why such a huge game with a lot of content will not have lags like Minecraft with mods.This will sooner or later enter space exploration.Another game,Space Engineer,which can land or launch on planets smoothly,can even occupy 6GB of video memory.
I think we can improve minimum performance requirements.Because we have Moore’s Law.
When the price is constant, the number of components that can be accommodated on an integrated circuit will double every 18-24 months, and performance will double.
If the game uses more performance, the content and features will be greatly increased,also can install more mods.So I want to know an answer.:wink:


I do have to say, the Game should be playable for these types of Low End Computers (if their Software and Drivers are somewhat up to date enough), but you will have to cut down on the Render Distance in a lot of cases to make it work.

The thing I use right now for most regular tasks is good enough to run Minecraft and Factorio and its a 1,1GHz Quadcore with Intel Integrated Graphics and 8GB of RAM. Note, it is NOT good enough for modded Factorio sadly, at least not the Modpack @OvermindDL1 uses when we play.

So your mileage may vary but its supposed to be well playable even with low Specs (and I dont even include Mods in those Specs, I only include the Base-Game relevant Parts in them, Mods might increase the requirements, just like for all Games).

And Minecraft really is Garbage, you should not underestimate just how BAD it is, and STILL is even in newest Versions, yet I still get around 30 FPS. (and I consider everything above 20FPS as well playable)

Also remember I like Pixelated Graphics, similar to how Minecraft has them, so no HD Stuff like Space Engineers that eats your Graphics Card.

So yes it is supposed to be efficient and focus way more on Gameplay than on Graphics (though I guess there will one day be people who make HD Graphics Packs for it or so, like Minecrafts Resource Packs)


Thanks for your answer about my question.