My GregTech 6 base

My GregTech 6 base

My base, because I don’t play for a long time in fact (due to my studies, I only have 2 hours of playing time per week), so my base is not big in fact, and there are not many devices in it…
As the new version of steelmaking is more troublesome, I left the mod in version 6.11.17

Crucible, the mold on the right side was accidentally burnt down and forgot to make up…

Unfinished distillation tower

The main body of the base is ready to be built with concrete. Although it seems monotonous, concrete is a good way to deal with a lot of useless stone dust,Because I didn’t have enough time, I only built asmall part, and didn’t even finish the frame and floor…The ugly looking dirt is used as a cheap scaffold.

Mod list,I didn’t add other technology mods, which is equivalent to a “pure” GT6 survival. I only added a few different dimension mods for adventure and resource collection, but I didn’t enter any of them in this archive……