Multiblock energy storage

By the lategame, energy demand has increased dramatically, but the current maximum energy storage capacity is 4194304000EU (EV large battery box full of EV Li-Mn batteries). If there is greater energy demand, such as lightning rods, it may be wasted because of the lack of timely storage. If multiple battery boxes are used, the wiring will be very complex. Miscellaneous, and because of resistance will cause a lot of unnecessary waste. I saw the energy station in GT++, a multi-block energy storage, and I think GT6 can add something similar…

It can be called an “energy nexus” or something like that. If you customize it in size, it may be a bit difficult in code… Outside is a layer of wall (the material may need to be considered…)and inner is energy unit. At present, Vanadium redox batteries are used for large-scale energy storage. The same is true for GT++. I don’t know if this is a “plagiarism idea”…

Use wrench to set the energy output port (or you can add the output block), in the GUI you can see the current energy reserves and set the output voltage and current, the energy sensor and the energy display cover should be effective…


What about those zero point energy modules? I don’t think they have an actual use yet other than decorative lamps as far as I know.

Any way to jerry-rig them up to an energy network?


No. Make a T5 large crystal charger, fill it with 16 T5 energy crystals(red or even blue). If it is not enough - spam these! We have laser absorbers to transform it into EU. You will get your energy Nexus!
Remember, that even a red energy crystal has more capacity than a Li-Mn battery of the same tier.


I’m talking about EU storage… If you convert EU to LU and then from LU to EU, you will only get 1/4 of the original EU, which is too wasteful…


But it’s balance. If you want to store a ton of energy you will have either to waste 3/4 of your EU(but use not much space) or to spam battery boxes(and waste space and PC resources).