Multiblock crucible and drums

I’m trying to build the distillation tower in my new world and after calculating that it would take me about 3 hours of placing crucible simulator 2020, I decided to try out the multiblock crucible. I love the thing and have easily managed to go directly from magnetite to stainless steel in one melting 90 stainless at a time and hardly having to pay attention to it. When I was done I decided to throw in a bunch of calcite to refill my drum for the fluidized bed burning boxes. Instead of scooping out the molten calcite though, the drum placed itself in world inside the crucible, which looked really weird! I picked it back up with a wrench so it wouldn’t be sucked up by the crucible and melted and quickly made a faucet to drain the molten calcite into a bathing pot where I could scoop it out.


Yeah dont try to place a Drum into the Crucible, that might end up bad. XD

I might need to consider placing invisible blocks in there to not make anything placeable.

This is something I will think about, but i am very sure this isn’t actually an “Issue” so i can mark it as solved.


Can’t you make the drum/measuring pot/jug actually work and pick up the fluid like it does on a regular crucible?


Unsure but is it possible to click the top blocks of the Multiblock to do that? Pretty sure I did something along those lines, since getting Scrap that way works too.

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Nope… that placed the drum on top of the rim of the crucible.