More mechaenetia questions

I’m beginning to question whether I should ask questions now or be patient enough to wait for mechaenetia to release

  1. What types of explosives will there be (if any in the base game)?
  2. if there are thermobaric explosives then will they ignore armor unless it hermetically seals the player (at least I think a target would have to be hermetically sealed for armor to affect it, since the actual damage beyond the crater is done by pressure wave)?
  3. Will there be the ability to program a vehicle to do stuff automatically (ex: missile guidance, automatic construction, etc…)?
  4. Will vehicles (or just big construction machines) be able to place blocks automatically?
  5. How big can npc cities get and how advanced can they get?
  6. Will npc settlements of various tech levels be found on other habitable planets, maybe even 1 civilization on multiple planets?
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  1. The kind that blows up, LOL
  2. There will be pressure waves and the differential will do the damage.
  3. Likely not the way you imagine. At least not early on in the dev cycle.
  4. Considering the concept of Inventory only applies to Players and nothing else, I guess yes?
  5. Purely limited by performance, and that will require benchmarks and optimizations to put a (configurable) population limit in place.
  6. I will focus on one planet for now, you underestimate just how much you can fit on one planet.
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Not a Dyson sphere

I don’t know if I originally had a point or it was just that

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