Molten Thorium Salt in Nuclear Reactor Core

It is seemed that the Molten Thorium Salt will not turn into Molten Lithium Chloride in Nuclear Reactor Core:

But the document [](Nuclear Fission Guide) said “They turn 1mB/L per 10000HU of Molten Thorium Salt into Molten Lithium Chloride.”
Did I made something wrong or it removed in the new version(6.14.00) and just not published in the changelog?


I did not change that so I do not know what is wrong there.

@Erik3003 we need your help here.


I can confirm that this is a bug. I checked the commits and I accidentially deleted this bit of code while formatting, directly after the commit that implemented Thorium Salt.

@Gregorius Just add the code bit into and, alongside the other fuels:

} else if ([0])) {
	tEnergy = mEnergy / EU_PER_THORIUM_SALT;
		if (mTanks[0].has(tEnergy) && mTanks[1].fillAll(FL.amount(MT.LiCl.mLiquid, tEnergy))) {
			mEnergy -= EU_PER_THORIUM_SALT * mTanks[0].remove(tEnergy);
		} else tIsExploding = T;