Molten rose gold cannot be picked up from Crucible using a ceramic vessel

All other alloys I tried (with melting point below 2000K) can be picked up using Ceramic Pot or Ceramic Jug. Rose Gold can not. Is this intended?


Put an ingot of rose gold in crucible
Heat up to melting point
try to pick up with ceramic jug/pot in hand
nothing happens


Requires the Liquid form to exist for this to work.


OK, so is that a bug or a feature? Thanks :slight_smile:


It is an “I cant just automatically spam Liquids for all Materials”. The Measuring Pot thing is only there for if you need to have the Liquid form of something, which for Rose Gold you very much do not.

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Very well. It seemed strange that all the other alloys for making Blue Steel have their liquid form but this one does not. So it seemed inconsistent to me.

If by any chance you would consider adding the liquid for rose gold, that would be nice. But I can live without it for sure. Thank you for your time :slight_smile: