Molten Alumina and pipes

So it appears that molten alumina made in a smelter and fed out into fluid pipes refuses to then flow out into ingot molds to make alumina ingots.

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Also: why the hell do pipes get a temperature bonus but drums don’t? Invar pipes can handle molten alumina but when it refused to pour into the molds, I tried to collect it into an invar drum and it burned up.

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IIRC, in order for fluids to pipe into molds the last pipe needs to hold all of the fluid for 1 recipe.
Thus in the case of alumina ingots, the last pipe needs to have a capacity at or above 144.

This may or may not be the problem here.

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Using invar fluid pipes… capacity of 1200L.

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Use better Pipes. If the Pipes are not big enough to fill the Mold in one go, the Mold will refuse the Fluid. This is to prevent the stupid Issue Tinkers Construct Molds have with being partially fillable. If the Pipe splits the Fluid inside of it towards multiple Pipes, obviously it wont be able to fill the 144L all in one go.

Again… using invar pipes with 1200L capacity… far more than the 144L you need for one ingot. Can you even connect crucible crossings to a smelter?

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Ahem, look at what i said there. As soon as it is more than one Pipe you’re screwed.

And actually I am not sure about Crossings working that way, now that you say it, sooooo yeah oops, gonna edit that out.

Two quad pipe sections with three molds… each of the pipes are full with the max 1200L of alumina, and nothing comes out in the molds. With that much capacity, all 3 should have no problem pulling at the same time, but even if they couldn’t, they should manage sometimes.

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1200L divided by 2 to make 600L eligible of movement, divided by 4 again to result in 150L moved each direction. Are you 100% sure the Pipes are 100% full?

Yes, magnifer shows them sitting at 1200L with the smelter back stuffed and not one ingot entered the molds. The first pipe segment only had one mold attached to it also. I had to add the second segment to have room for the other two molds with hoppers under them.

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Yeah i need to see your actual Setup.

The tungstensteel drums I cheated in to pick up the molten alumina and drop it directly into the molds from above after the invar drum melted. I also cheated in two single invar pipes and wrapped them off the end of the quad and into the other side of the mold and confirmed it filled to 1200L and still wouldn’t pour into the mold.

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Uhh have you tried using one pipe size larger?

Neither large nor huge invar fluid pipes work to insert molten metal into the molds either.

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Okay, I need to test that case, but this should be working fine unless we are missing something.

Found the Issue, the check if the pipe can fill a fluid into something else always did it with 1L of Fluid, which a Mold would not accept ofcourse…

:gregory: This Version should probably be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)