Mods that recently updated

These mods heve been recently updated, with some new features and/or new configs.
Et futurum:Et Futurum Requiem - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

EnderIO: EnderIO Unofficial - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

Traincraft: Traincraft - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge


Requiem is great. I was using uptodatemod before, but this blows it out of the water compatibility wise, and most people were already using etfut beforehand.

Speaking of mods that recently updated, the GTNH github repo has more than 150 updated forks, from stuff like forestry QoL to special mobs to thaumcraft forks to a backport of spice of life: carrot edition which is a 1.12 exclusive where you get more hearts the more different kinds of food you eat.

The best thing is that they got rid of the redundant dependencies entirely (I remember last year their fork of thaumic tinkerer had a bloody forge microblocks requirement :thinking:)
They even have a fork of natura that fixes all the old bugs related to nether saplings growth events, and modular options to disable stuff you don’t care about.

Yep, I already did compat for that one a few hours ago. You can even seamlessly update from regular Et Futurum to Et Futurum Requiem, if you are willing to lose like 3 minor Items for it, lol. (I think one of them was Oak Fence XD)

I’m glad I can now properly drop Netherite Plus from my own Packs, because Et Futurum Requiem has the Netherite Stuff added.

Not sure if I will do that Ender IO thing though. But I am sure I wont do Traincraft, that’s too broken.


Nice i’m gonna have to take a look at the forks of GTNewHorizons.
This mod looks very interesting, spice of life: carrot edition.

Enderio is kinda ok in terms of balance and it config allows it to be gated after steel.
Yea the new traincraft is still in alpha, got some crashes when testing.


Amesome oil stuff btw :smiley:


I’ve been trying that new Et Futurum Requiem mod as I was using the original Et Futurum and I really like the result. The new door sounds and furnace crackling is especially nice in my opinion and the fact that it renames those old wooden slabs that are harvested by pickaxe petrified wooden slab is genius. Plus it swaps in easily like Greg says with only minor changes to three blocks, however it really botches my generation of new chunks.

Unfortunately for me new chunks fail to generate when I get near an edge I haven’t visited before and the game just hangs, doesn’t even give a reason why, kicks we out with a time out error then crashes after twenty minutes with an out of memory error. Nothing in the log, nothing to check other then the memory error. I’ve swapped back to the original et futurum and things are running correctly again. I run a lot of mods so your results will vary but I’m going to have to wait for some updates perhaps before I can use it again. Aside from that it’s pretty cool though. :rofl:


They changed the location of the Et Futurum Config, so they do still generate Granite/Andesite/Diorite Blobs like usual, that might have caused an infinite Worldgen Loop for you, resulting in an Out of Memory Error. I fixed that in the Default Config Pack already (both config locations are now being taken account of). :wink:

And I seriously did not know they did Petrified Wood Slabs, this is hilarious. XD


Yeah I noticed the new config, had to change a different setting to do with player models as it conflicts with something else I have running, same setting on both the old and new Et Futurum so was expecting that.
I’ll check out your config, see if that does the trick.

Yeah the old wooden slabs were really annoying, they appear on old village and some custom generation, usually would go around ripping them all up and replacing them with standard wooden slabs but I can live with petrified wooden slabs. :grin:


Well, I totally did not do a thing…, 1,  2)                   , MT.PetrifiedWood      ,  U2);, 1, 10)                   , MT.PetrifiedWood      ,  U2);, 1,  2)            , MT.PetrifiedWood      ,  U * 1);, 1, 10)            , MT.PetrifiedWood      ,  U * 1);

Btw. I’m teaching the guy that updates Et Futurum Requiem how to add Nether Biomes, so there will be even more unified backports that Greg can add compatibility for :smiley:

Netherlicious will still be better for the nether tho :stuck_out_tongue: but Et Futurum’s Biomes will be more like vanilla while I have custom stuff.


Well that is gonna be chaos. XD

How much Stuff will I have to move over to make things work? Will Netherlicious use Et Futurum Requiem Blocks in its Worldgen, or do I need to hack the Drops of Blocks like Basalt to only drop one Mods Version and not the others? Because I did do that for things like Andesite, Granite and Diorite too.

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Well I will allow the Biomes to generate in my overridden Nether once Et Futurum adds the Biomes. Also a lot of plants will be only available on my nylium blocks with bonemeal. I see my Backported Biomes more as an interpretation than a faithful recreation and the next update will add tons of new plants for existing biomes and multiple new blocks.

Otherwise Roadhog from Et Futurum and I are working hand in hand to add a lot of compatibility and generation options if both mods are installed. If both mods are installed they will use my overridden Nether and terrain and you will control the biome spawning through my mod.


Nice. So which of the two Blocks should i prioritize? Netherlicious Basalt/Blackstone/Soulsoil or Et Futurum Basalt/Blackstone/Soulsoil once it comes out? Not to mention Wither Roses, which I already have to prioritize for Recipes.

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Personally I would say mine, since you will get a lot of stuff from using bonemeal on blocks like nylium. also Et Futurum allows for turning off specific blocks. Also I’m adding new decoration blocks for those specified blocks, and while you can change recipes to allow Et Futurum Blocks to be crafted into my new variations I naturally have those recipes.

We will propably make it so Et Futurum Biomes can generate with my Blocks if Netherlicious is installed. I also thought about renaming my backported re imagined biomes, since they are different from vanilla. Renaming the biomes would do nothing for already generated worlds besides the display name and some mods use biome names, like biome tweaker or just another spawner, but I’m not sure about renaming


On the subject of wither roses since Greg mentioned them, I’ve noticed that both etfuturum and netherlicious’ wither roses hurt wither skeletons: considering that 1.7 didn’t have a wither skeleton as a separate entity from just “skeleton”, is there any chance that will be implemented in the future?


Ohhh. I thought Undead mobs where set to not be affected by the wither effect, that’s an easy fix. I’ll notify the Et Futurum guy