ModPack Manager (Not Functional/Discontinued)

ModPack Manager (Not Functional/Discontinued)

This is a tool that I have been working on for a bit.

The ModPack Manager is a tool that allows you to Manage your ModPacks a lot easier.
It is not a Minecraft Launcher, and it will never be. But it is basically a Replacement for the Twitch Minecraft Launcher that allows to download/update packs.

Not everyone likes using Twitch and here comes in the MPM (ModPack Manager).
It is fairly simple in usage providing a lot of features, like:

  • Changing Mod Versions on the Fly
  • Information about when a Mod is up to date or not and when the latest update was
  • Exporting/Sharing packs with its own or curseforge ModPack format.
  • Viewing the Changelog of mods without opening curse Pages. (It will combine the changelogs between the selected & current version to 1 giant changelog)
  • A Local Mod Repository that will keep track of Mods versions.
  • Keeping Track of and auto adding Dependencies.
  • Modifiying ModPacks or Adding Mods with just copying links or just from the Local ModRepository
  • Importing Packs from different sources, including custom ones, and if modfiles are known the links to the mod for updates does not have to be provided.
  • Disabling / Enabling Mods with a press of a button
  • Ability to mark Mods to be Server/Client only for easier managment of Sided ModPacks.
  • Downloading Packs from curse. Basically automating the entire process.
  • Compatible with any launcher that uses the standard Minecraft Instance folder structure

Main Window:

Main Window which shows all the nessesary information to you, providing useful features and ofc keeping track of Updates.

Mod Repository:

A view of every single mod it keeps track of. With filter options, Keybindings for faster adding/removing/openpages these mods.
The Repository also keeps track of Dependencies and Mod Sides which then get automatically applied when creating/installing a Pack.

Changelog Window:

A Compressed view of the Changelogs of the current selected mod. Making view a lot easier.
This provides full HTML 5 support allowing HyperLinks & Pictures to be displayed too.
There is also a MultiView Option if more then 1 Mod is being Viewed for easier use.

Change/Update Mod Version Window:
This window allows to easily change mod versions on the fly having a lot of things a lot easier.

The Export Window:
It allows to export the Packs as wished.

The Window to find new Mods:
This Window allows to search on Curseforge for new Mods based on how old they are.
This is not for “ModUpdates”.

ModPack Manager V1.3 Spotlight by ScottoMotto

ModPack Manager license: Creative Commons 3.0

Requirements: Java8 + JavaFX (OpenJDK is special make sure you have it installed)
If Linux makes problems: Here is a possible Solution: ClickMe!

No Present because curse blocks all thirdparty non browser access to the website.


Wow impressive work =) keep going on it


Version 1.2 released now, with loads of fixes


Great job Spieger & Instinx. This is a really nice thing to have and it really complements MultiMC.


Hi, I am on Linux Mint 19.1 and i cannot load this even after manually installing Javafx on the desktop via the Terminal.

I tried running the 1.2 modpack manager on the path of /home/myusername/Downloads and it will create the data folder with the following log output…

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javafx/application/Platform
	at speiger.modupdater.ModUpdater.main(
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javafx.application.Platform
	at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.BuiltinClassLoader.loadClass(
	at java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader.loadClass(
	at java.base/java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
	... 1 more

Please let me know what’s up and how I can fix it from here. Thanks in advance.

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Sound like you are running the wrong version of Java like 9, 10 or 11 that’s distributed with your Linux Mint.

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In that case you need Java 8 indeed. Its needed for modded MC anyways.

Guys I am indeed certain that I launching it with JDK Java 8 RunTime. This forum software is very restrictive and won’t let me either put the uploaded screenshot nor even link up the picture to show this though.

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Wait posting an uploaded Picture should be possible, I need to look into that. As for linking an image, yeah I am forced to do a whitelist of image providers for that (because Europe is about to destroy most of the Internet, and I dont want this Website to get hit, if/when that happens).

As for Java 8, are you sure you are starting the Modpack Manager with Java 8? Doubleclicking a Jar usually defaults to OpenJDK 11 regardless of how you set it for MC. But if your use of Java 8 is really true, then maybe @Speiger just messed up something.

Okay checked Image things, how large is the File and whats its Resolution in Megapixels?

Yes i manually choose “JDK Java 8 RunTime” from the applications’ menu of Linux Mint 19.1 when I started the application.

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Under 300KB in size and I have no idea where to find the rest but this display is 1080 by 1920 display.

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Hrrm the limit is 2048KB, I wonder if the “new user maximum images = 1” only applies to new Threads that you posted and not to replies to other Threads.

I manually upgraded your User Rank from 0 to 1, now you should be able to post the Image. I hope. (The Rank would have Auto-Upgraded after a day anyways I think, since you posted a lot)

Thank you!

As you can see I selected that and then started it with that selected as “default application”. Thus Linux Mint should be starting it and similar files every time with that Java version.

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Yeah, I know. I’m a Linux User myself (Kubuntu) I just never needed a ModPack Manager myself, since the old Vanilla Launcher is sufficient for my purposes, so I didnt test it at all, lol.

Honestly I am hoping to use this as a way to upload a Curse acceptable pack so I can distribute the mod pack with ease of use and respect to the author. As i been kept on told that MultiMC wasn’t the best way to go about it for both reasoning. But no one had helped me to find me such a “bridge” for Linux until now to be able to produce a Mod Pack that Curse should be able to accept. As they won’t accept a plain ZIP of the mods+configs because their site is limited (seriously by now they should have AI to auto link the mods to the ones in curse and only “flags” them if they aren’t on Curse).


Curse does not allow Zip Files at all, and I know the struggles of people who make Modpacks, Bear got banned from Curse multiple times because despite having permission and having done everything right, Curse constantly tells him “things” are not allowed that way at least once a month, even though they approved his stuff multiple times.

Now lets just wait until @Speiger wakes up, he is in my timezone and its 5:20am right now, so you can guess why he didnt reply yet. :wink:

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Agreed and that’s trash to take such extreme measures. If it anyone faults it’s Curse not having a way to easily upload for Linux systems. If they want it done “right” every time they should had done a Linux mean of creating mod packs. Otherwise it’s the price they pays for not supporting us Linux users.

Anyways I agree and hopefully it will be “enough” to get the “okay” from Cruse without much drama once it said and done.

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@FriendlyPerson ok this sounds stupid but OpenJDK usually does not ship JavaFX with it, its a seperate package that you need to install. I don’t know why that is the case or how to do that since i am not a linux person. (To Stupid for linux)

But that is your issue. The tool needs java8 but it can run with other java versions too. 7 is not suggested because i actually use a couple methods that are in 8 or newer.

I hope this helps you.

Please read it again I specifically stated the following…

even after manually installing Javafx on the desktop via the Terminal.

I specifically used the following command to install it…

sudo apt-get install openjfx
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