Mixer capacity wrong?

So my mixer in my aqua regia setup that mixes water with nitrogen dioxide now holds 240,000L, much more than before. That can’t be right can it?

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Check the Recipes, geez, all Machines have different capacities depending on the Recipes they can perform. Its not a perfect Solution but its the best that can be without sacrificing anything.

I thought you said that it now depends on how much that specific recipe uses, and should only be a few times that amount, thus generally reducing capacity, rather than looking at some other recipe that consumed much more like it did before? Or is it only looking at the water, searching for the recipe that consumes the most water, and going with that, even though that’s not what it’s running? And there is some other mixer recipe that consumes much, much more water?

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Water -> search for most water recipe (it doesn’t actually search, it just knows) -> go with that, multiplied by 2, multiplied by parallel processing count of machine.