Mining machine that can be used in the early-midgame... May be better?

In the development of gt6, you need a lot of minerals, which means you need to spend a lot of time on mining. Recently, I heard a lot of players complain that it takes too long to mining and can’t be automated. This is also a problem for me. In order to prevent my possible addiction, my parents only have one chance to play once a week, so there is little time, and mining takes a lot of time.
I remember someone suggested adding a mining machine to the GT a few years ago. At that time, you refused and gave the suggestion of using bedrock drill instead. But in fact, the bedrock drill cannot replace the mining machine for the following reasons: 1. Not all ores have bedrock veins. Moreover, the generation probability of many bedrock veins is extremely low, so you may never find one. 2. The bedrock drill itself needs a very high level of science and technology and a large amount of energy supply. Moreover, the bedrock drill itself needs a lot of resources. If there is no other mining machine, it will be very painful to collect it.
Mining machines of other mods, such as IC2, BC and Mek, may be replaced, but it’s very uncomfortable if you don’t add these mods. (I guess the reason why gt5 adds a mining machine but gt6 does not is that gt6 no longer uses the API of IC2, which makes it difficult to write a mining algorithm by itself, so it is not added).
Explosives seem to be a way to replace some of them, and they will have fortune. However, the most basic boomsticks can only blast soft rocks such as limestone and marble, but not hard rocks such as kimberlite and granite. Advanced nitroglycerin dynamite are difficult to obtain in large quantities in the earlygame. Moreover, these explosives may be banned in the server because they may cause griefing and theft.
To sum up, I think it is a good idea to have an automatic mining machine of GT that can be made when the circuit is crafted. It should not consume a huge amount of resources like bedrock drill, which makes it difficult to manufacture. Perhaps there will be an upgraded version of multiblock, which can select fortune / silktouch and has higher efficiency (not bedrock drill)!


Use the Configs to increase how much Ore you get from crushing. :wink:

And automatic Miners like Buildcraft Quarries or IC2 Miners are not gonna be in GT6. But hey, you can install Buildcraft for that one.