Minecraft Forum links are broken

I was putting together a modpack and noticed that most of the Minecraft Forum links on the GT6 download page lead to what is essentially a 404, so I found the correct links for both the forum post and CurseForge page (if you wanted to use that instead).
Pam’s Harvestcraft is here or here.
Spice of Life is here or here.
Underground Biomes Constructs is here or here.
Per Fabrica Ad Astra is here, with the latest version only available here.
ExtrabiomesXL is here or here.
Balkon’s WeaponMod is no longer on the Forums, and can only be found here.
The Enhanced Biomes & Wastelands links are correct.


Oh thank you for the notice about that one. Weird all those Links still worked for me, but i wanted to get rid of most MCF Links anyways to thanks for the curse Links ^^