MC 1.12.2 Mod observations

MC 1.12.2 Mod observations

I have noticed a few mods have made a lot of changes especially to the recipes causing players to change their strategies after taking time to relearn the new “Version”.
In my humble opinion, I believe change is not a bad thing, but radical changes deprive a player of the opportunity to acquire experience using these mods.
If a mod adds new features and keeps the remaining old features the same, a player can add to his experience with new toys/fun. ( Remember fun anyone?)
Pros and Cons:
Pros, With radical changes,you get a whole new game inside Minecraft to learn to play. For fast learners, easily bored, this is great.
Cons,By the time you, not only learn the new stuff, and get good at it, some fool comes along and changes everything and you have to start over again.
Just an observation,lucky for me, I have picked up a few tricks, and when I see something I don’t like, I change it, and have my fun anyway.