Material dictionary creation is underplayed

Material dictionaries, aka those blue books you love to collect but rarely need to read because of F3+H or NEI.

I feel material dictionaries are severely underplayed in game progression, and they could be great, wonderful even especially with the new information added such as a description and alloy information. Imagine discovering a new ore, grinding it down and studying it for knowledge. Perfect gameplay mechanic, so what’s the issue?

Empty Glass Tubes.

To make them you need an extruder, which by the time you get one you will already have worked through a lot of the early progression that those books could really help with.

This rolls back into an earlier comment I made months ago about have a crude chemistry set for starting out but there needs to be a basic way to make glass bottles and tubes.
I’m not a big fan of the three pane glass recipe for bottles, in fact in my game I had modified the recipe to be one small glass dust in the furnace makes a glass bottle and one tiny glass dust makes a glass tube. Now that sand is more measurable and have better measurements for sand to sand block, and glass dust, can we include a glass kiln mechanic or bottle/tube addon for the crucible?


you could even have borosilicate glass specifically for high heat glassware and give a reason for all that boron.


Dumb question, cant you just use dusts directly to make the dictionaries? even if a bit wasteful? unsure if i ever removed that Recipe, but it should still be there.


Dammit, right you are Greg, I never realized you could do that. Thought I was being all clever coming up with the kiln idea as well. :rofl:

Side note, I do like the update to the material dictionaries you made, infinitely more useful and makes them feel much more like research notes.


When did I update them? Apart from fixing Bugs I dont think I added more Info to them?


The alloying information at the end? Iron specifically has a description talking about all the different mods that add iron and steel working that I don’t remember reading.
I hadn’t seen it before but then I haven’t looked at them for ages, perhaps you added it a while ago when you added the steel via air making mechanic. I didn’t find the material dictionaries that useful before as I would usually use the big book of alloys, F3+H for temps and take side notes in a writing book. I just collected them to display in GT vault libraries.


That one was always there as far as I know :wink: