Many questions about mechaenetia

Many questions about mechaenetia

1.Will there be something like “tier system”?(like LV -> MV -> HV in gregtech)
2.What will the research system look like?
3.Will the start be similar to TFC or GT6?
4.If I have an iron ingot, will it become an “iron” or an “iron”? (Or a combination of materials or an individual)
5.How to solve the key conflict problem when there are too many mods?
6.Will there be a lot of NPCs?How will society work?
7.If I choose Easy Resource Complexity, how should I use items as materials? Will resources and items be independent?
8.Is the time at work IRL?
9.Can the machine work on a running vehicle? Will the vehicle align with the voxels?
10.What will the planet look like?Will the whole world be on one planet or on many planets?

Thanks for answer


My personal opinions about what I’d want that have no reflection on what may actually be programmed are: ^.^

  1. I would personally hope that electricity follows real-world more accurately, none of these packets or so forth. With a better engine it would be trivial to make an external processor for the node updates, even more so with an ECS pattern where that becomes just outright native. ^.^

  2. I have no clue what I want here, but I’d want something, something that fits into the world and makes sense in it…

  3. Regardless of how it starts I’d want the upgrading to make sense, no suddenly going from melting iron to suddenly having electricity an hour later.

  4. I’d personal want a TFC-like 'amount of a given stack, so an ‘ingot’ would be like have 2.1kg of iron, 0.1kg of something else and so forth (impurities!), though not necessarily make that detailed in the interface, need to figure it out yourself by testing early or via spectromatry later on or so.

  5. Yeah need a proper action mapper system that is context aware, it would help a lot. But honestly I’d personally minimize the ability for mods to make new keys, instead force world interactions via a main set of interactions. Mods adding 50 different hotkeys is very immersion breaking… >.<

  6. Ooo an AI sim. ^.^

  7. I’ve no clue how ‘resource and items’ would be conceptually different, it’s all just mass…

  8. ???

  9. I would hope there would be embedded chunk entities (I.E. chunk based moving things, lol). ^.^

  10. So many ways to do these, I’d opt for torus’s, lol. :smile:

  1. I do not think I will add a lot of “Tiers”. I’d rather gate stuff behind Science, Skill and Material Costs.

  2. Well, some sort of Tech Tree will exist ofcourse, and the knowledge is gonna be stored in Books and such which have to be kept close to your Crafting Workshop for you to remember the specifications of your Machines. Ofcourse simple Stuff and stuff you craft often/recently will go over to Memory eventually, and then wont require the Construction Instructions.

  3. Yes if you choose to start with nothing, No if you choose to start in a City (though that is gonna be much later), and super No if you’re in my equivalent of Creative Mode. XD

  4. If you mean my Material Complexity System from the Game Ideas Page then Iron would typically count as “mostly Metal”.

  5. Simple, by not letting Mods get Default bindings at all. If a Mod adds a Keybind it will always be “NOT SET” by default. So you have to configure it the way you like after installing the Mod. If you still get conflicts then there is still the Keybind Priority System (aka you set a Priority along with the Keybind), which selects the right contextual action depending on what you want to do, since most Keybinds will just fall through to lower Priority ones, if their context isn’t met. An example for that would be Leftclick in Minecraft, higher Priority is “Punch People”, lower Priority is “Break Blocks”, if you cant punch people, it will try breaking Blocks, and if that doesn’t work there is still the Arm Swing Animation.

  6. That is gonna be so complicated that I dont want to specify things yet. A lot of it will be decided when I start working on it. But NPCs will be much more useful than Minecraft Villagers or the Millenaire Mod.

  7. It applies only to raw Materials, while you could smelt your Sword back into raw Metal, the Sword itself does not count as Metal. As for selecting which of your Ingots is gonna be consumed, I don’t actually know how I am gonna do that yet. I only know for sure that there would be a priority switch in the UI so that you always consume either the lowest or highest value Materials first.

  8. Daynight Cycle and such would be configurable so I cant say what you would select. Unsure if this was your question though.

  9. Yes, and Yes&No, you can make it align but you dont have to.

  10. It will be a Captain Planet themed Donut orbiting a Peanut shaped merging Double Star. At least when it comes to shape.

Also what @OvermindDL1 said applies too. ^^


Can I travel from one planet to another?

How will I gain new knowledge?


Yeah I will make it possible to travel between planets, I might even put multiple Donut Worlds in the same Orbit as the starting World, so you dont even need to leave the Star System to get to a habitable World. But that is gonna be configurable.

As for Science, there could be multiple Systems to choose from, crafting the Recipe from Materials using Experiments and (optional) RNG to see if they succeeded. You could steal Science from NPCs, or buy it, or hire an NPC to do your Science, or Dungeon Loot, or maybe even Factorio Style. The options will be plenty and more than what I just said. ^^


Thanks for your answer, this is all I need to know.