Many not so technical questions

Many not so technical questions

So the first thing, how multiplayer interactions will be handled? Will other players be like dummies, like in Minecraft, where you can damage them… and thats all, or complex system of interactions is also applying to another players? like, can i force someone to eat something for example? Also, how NPCs would react to multiple players?

Secondly, what “entrertainment” parts is planned? Will there be some sort of player tunable music? And if yes, will it be just boring records or some things like Better Records mod did? Also whats about music instruments? Maybe some Mordhau/Starbound style? or the entire Guitar Hero minigame xD

Thirdly, what will balance the player and force it to contact with hazards? Like bug invasions in Factorio or a need to go for resources and fight mobs in Minecraft, how will it look like?

Fourth, i’m really wondering about space exploration and stellar research in general, will it start from some low-end Galileo style telescope space observation or it’ll be straitgh to building some Sputnik on a V2? xD

Also as mix of what games would you describe Mechaenetia?


Greg gave this awesome list of things he’s been planning for Mechaenetia here: Someone is already doing something similar of your ideas, check it out

Most of what you ask about is explained in some detail in those pages.

I do not recall reading about forcing other players to eat something, but even if that doesn’t exist i am sure it can be done easily enough… Even without the core concept of feeding someone something you can make a weapon that has the range of a tablespoon and shoots foodstuffs with magical buffs/debuffs.

Oh and unlike Minecraft, Meachaenetia will be open source and have modding in mind from the start. Pretty much like Factorio has done it, which ALWAYS leads to awesome mods from the get go.
Mind you, Greg explains modding in a very user friendly manner too. Not at all like Factorio’s artworks that require a bunch of external tools.

That is, aside from perhaps some Rust code explaining the interactions that happens, artwork is pretty much a block and color thing. You “draw” pixels in game. The most WYSIWYG game i’ve heard of.


Simple Mods can be done with WASM, so you can compile basically in any language for those. and even more simple mods just need CSV Files to contain their Stats.

NPCs react to each Player individually, so it is difficult to say what you mean with that Question. Even Minecraft Villagers store their “relationships” per Player.

You can compose your own MIDI Music and put it on a Music Disc. Kindof how EthosLab faked it on on his recent Hermitcraft Episodes. (he edited Noteblock based Music into his Videos).

Forcing contact with Hazards means that you need some way to automatically defend yourself. There always needs to be a way to avoid Mobs.

As for the Space Stuff, while I will design the World to be explorable in Space, the Tech for it will likely be added by Mods first. The “Skybox” will actually not be a typical Skybox, it will accurately show the visible Stars from wherever you are on the Planet.

Minecraft and uhhh, I dont think there is other Games I know that could be comparable, apart from GregTech. Maybe Morrowind a little, when it comes to the Stat System and Inventory.

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