Made normal and dense/stronger version of machine look more different

I think it would be better if both of them look different

Now the two of them look exactly the same
Which may lead to confusion sometimes

I would like it to be a bit more different
Ex. Dense version had little gold mark on it, more bolt and complicated texture on it

Extra question: why dense/strong version seem to be more expensive than normal version,like build 4 of it cheaper than single dense/strong one


Yeah those Machine casings basically only exist for Recipes, there is no other reason than that for them to exist.


Oh sry,my question seem to misleading

All I mean is steam engine,steam boiler and burning box.

That they had it normal and dense/stronger version,not the machine casing

I want to suggest that they to had the difference looking so it may look better

Also my Extra question is why dense/strong version seem more expensive than normal version


Oh the dense version is more expensive to balance out the fact you compacted it all into one Block.


Oh wait,it also made sense that you need resources to handle the bunch of normal version instead of a dense/strong one too, thanks you!!

Also what about texture of it, would you made a change to make them little different or something?


Maybe, but I am not sure how I would make it look like, without it getting completely out of place. Putting just some random Logo on it does not seem fitting at all and will make Setups look much uglier.

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May I help you?

I kind of like to improve some of your machine texture too

I just don’t know how to made resources pack


I am not sure if I should accept help on that one, all I can do is look at a sample texture you provide and judge it, and if it fits well enough I can include it.