Machine Status Display Cover unauthorized activation

Hello, I’ll try to be brief.
Every time I enter the game, all the diesels that are equipped with a Machine Status Display Cover are turned on for some reason, although before leaving the game I made sure that they were in the off state. I tested it several times, and it’s always the same, they are turned off before exit, and after I go into the game all the diesels with MSDCover is turned on.

I tested all diesels and almost all mixers and got the same problem


Ah might be caused by the ON OFF switch that is on it, easy fix. ^^


Okay I noticed what was wrong, you dont know about the Feature that the Basic Machine can toggle adjacent Power Sources do you? In that case the Basic Machine has priority over the Cover on the Engine. The fix is quite simple, put the Status Display on the Mixer and not the Engine :wink: