Long distace pipes and chunkloading

I have found diamond bedrock ore far from my base. I wanted automate process using
Long distance pipe lane. Its around 1500 blocks.
I use ftbu utilities to chunkload my base. Should i chunkload every chunk with that pipe? 1500/16~ 90 chunks i think, its to much. How does this affect performance?

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The Pipe Segments do not need to be Chunkloaded at all, you only need to load the two Endpoints, that is all.

Basically the End Points are scanning once for where the Pipeline or Long Distance Wire goes, find each other in that way, and from there on out are actual Teleporters.

Whenever a Segment is placed or broken, the Segment itself will notify all connected Segments in search of Endpoints and tell them to connect/disconnect depending on what you did to the Line. That way nothing Lags until you actually physically DO something to the Line.