Logistics machine in old GT

In the old version of GT, some logistics machines have been inherited, which have not been added back in gt6. Although gt6 has added its own logistics system, which can also replace some old logistics machines to a certain extent, I think there are many functions that cannot be replaced, so I hope they can be added back.

  1. Regulator: its feature is that it can input specific quantities and types of items into the specified slot, which cannot be done in the logistics system of gt6. If it is a single item, it can also be replaced by logistics bus + robot arm, but if you want to input items in multiple different slots, it won’t work. This is useful for some automation that need to specify slot, such as the automation of IC nuclear reactor.

  2. Buffer: it can input items on five sides and output items on one side. It can set the number of items output each time (for example, if it is set to 16, 16 items will be output each time. If there are less than 16 such items inside, they will not be output). In addition, it also has 27 slots of buffer space, which can prevent blocking to a certain extent. Although the extender of gt6 has a similar function, the extender can input/output to one object at the same time, which may cause confusion. also,a extender cannot be connected to another extender.

  3. Distributor: in contrast to the buffer, it is a face input item and five face output items, and each face can set the weight of each output item, which should be useful when meanwhile input production lines with different speeds.

  4. Type filter: different from other filters, this filter is filtered by the type of item, not by the item itself or oredict (for example, if you mark crushed ore, all types of crushed ore will pass). This is very useful for some automation, for example, so that you can directly let the crushed ore pass through without marking all kinds of stone dust and then reversing to prevent the stone dust from entering the sluice and causing blockage.

In addition, I have seen some strange uses, such as using the buffer as a timer to automatically replace the fuel rods of IC nuclear reactor.

Finally, if you want to join, remember to make the texture look better (the texture in gt5 is so fucking ugly!)


I so so so miss the regulator, buffer, and distributor, and I think there were a couple others I really really loved too, lol.


Ideally, gt6 slowly gets all the content from the previous versions where necessary and becomes the untimate gregtech. Well, it already is the untimate gregtech :smiley:

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