List Gregorius's plans

List Gregorius's plans

It’s just my collation of many posts.
1 Natural gas.@Gregorius expressed that will be the first thing he does when he feels better.
2 Multi-block plans.For example, large electrolyzer and large ore treatment structure.Now we have a large centrifuge.But there are two large processing machines left are unfinished
3 GT6’s own nuclear power.(This should be what many people expect most, XD
4 More Scientific Manufacturing Technology of Circuit board.If the use of pressure machine is still “scientific”.It’s strange to put the circuit board in the washer.@Gregorius representation this will be modified.There may be circuit assembly machines to replace these two machines to make circuit boards.
5 It seems that rubber collection can not be automated at present? I tried to funnel the resin collector, but it didn’t seem to work!