Lack of materials in some blocks


Some blocks contain noticeably fewer materials than the components from which this block was made.

  1. Chest contains 8.000 wood, but gives only 5.000 wood to almost all blocks that are made from it. Perhaps this is intentionally, but I’m not sure.
  2. Even if the previous case is intentional, Wooden Item Barrel (Cheap) contains too little wood. Wooden Barrel (Cheap) and Wooden Bathing Pot do not contain wood at all and cannot be used as fuel.
  3. When combining Minecart with other blocks (for example, with a Chest), the material of Minecart itself completely disappears. However, this is not a big problem, since Unboxinator allows you to return the components.
  4. Piston and Sticky Piston do not contain metal and redstone.
  1. It is 5 because the cheapest Chest alike thing you can use to craft it is 5 Wood.
  2. That is due to the Wood OreDict in this case, exploits are annoying to deal with.
  3. Yes it disappears due to the Container Item. Cannot change that without causing exploits.
  4. Yep they do not and they must not, due to accepting more than just those two in their Recipe.