King of Suggestions

King of Suggestions

-being emp_had III
-noticing my glorious custom ore slots i requested dont have a visible option to set which dimensions they are active in
-noticing the Azurite i suggested is part of the mod now but i have to check some of the GTCE ores to see if they are in GT6 i think it was Bornite and Cuprite
-noticing multiblocks are finally in… mostly
-noticing the whole more stone type suggestion was taken in with addition of komatite, schist, limestone ETC.
-noting half the gems as well as chromite, sapphires (besides green and blue), alumina, The newer Garnets (Uva) and all the beryls were originally my suggestions

Further suggestions
Perhaps either a guide on how to use the Custom Ore Gen or perhaps an overhaul of GT6 oregen (namely the 4 ore per vein limit, the lack of Chromite (could work as a complement of redstone along with uvavorite) and Vanadium Magnetite (which if im not mistaken was removed) as that could also just use a slightly changes black sand (which i love the sand but sort of miss ye old magnetite as i feel both have a place) on another note osmium and iridium could both be in sheldonite in a 50/50 of their current amounts (honestly a sort of high elevation magnetite with chromite, vanadrium magnetite and magnetite with hematite would be nice
-Custom oregen also uses small ores nearby large veins which i absolutely adore beyond belief if we could incorporate this into the base mod this would be great or at the very least have a guide as i view it delivers far more sparse ores

A few of the key things from pfaa because i love the black sand so much
-white sand (cassiterite sand)
-topaz sand (topaz)
-Glauconite sand (Glauconite)
point being if it has sand in it… or is a clay it could use a rare chance to generate in a desert or similar environment

wait… aren’t other mods “iron ores” supposed to give out hematite?


Ah right you suggested so much Ore Stuff in the past. XD

For a Guide on CustomOreGen I would need to understand CustomOreGen in the first place. I dont even know if it still works or not. The newer Rock Layer Generator has replaced a lot of things.

Black Sand and Magnetite are the same thing. And you can get Vanadium-Magnetite from Black Sand too.

And again, the Rock Layer Generator has replaced a LOOOOOOOT of Ore Functionality, so you suggest using outdated Mechanics right now.

As for Sands, maybe I will add more of them later.


Ok good to get a hold on… what about Chromite though it seems that mixing it with redstone (as in they would be half and half could be quite interesting im a bit confused where that ore went


Chromite is its own Ore by now as far as I remember. And the Rock Layer Generator also generates tiny stones on the Surface indicating where you find certain Ores.


good just was clarifying… it seems the only thing we have left to best PFAA in is the generation of laterite, sand and clay based ores… speaking of clay based ores… brown clay seems like an excellent candidate for the ores that are described as clay as well as limonite and bauxite (which considering oxygen, Aluminum, Silicon and Iron as well as Magnesium or the primary constituents of the crust that would be ideal

We have Black Granite…
We have Red Granite,
We have Pink Granite…
Also Black Marble…

White and Tan Granite? I’ll design which ores they have shouldn’t be too hard