Just putting up random Greg Artwork I did

Just putting up random Greg Artwork I did

An hour or two ago I decided I wanted to make a “Classic Gregorius” Variant of my Profile Pic, so here we go, the classical Armored Gregorius from the good old days in my mid-tier Art Style, plus a little bit of retroactive continuity. XD
Portrait_Greggman_Classic_256 Portrait_Greggman_256
Also the current Version on the right for comparison, which I totally did not use as a base for the left one. XD

And no I am not gonna be in the next Sonic Generations. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice. If we are showing how we look I’ll upload a picture of myself.

Here is an image someone drew of me a while ago now. Due to space time warping this is an image of my future self after I had lost one of my arms, unlike today where I still have both. Funny thing is the picture is incorrect, I actually lost the other one.



Just mirror it, then its fixed. XD

Only the what I suspect to be a Ghostbusters alike logo would be the other way around, unless that Scouter alike thing has to be on the side it is on.

Looks nice though. ^^


The scouter is also on the wrong side. :joy:
In fact if it weren’t for the t-shirt logo and the mag I probably would now that you mention it.