Item filter block tips

I admit it. I’m a compulsive lootwhore. My mob grinder is useful for raw loot, however it’s a pain to sort and void items correctly. How can I get rid of all the crap leather armor, while keeping the juicy gold swords and steel chestplates?

Extra Utilities filters are very basic in DD, and the GT6 item filter cover only matches one item. Those just won’t do. Storage drawers and Mass storage are great for dusts like Redstone and Glowstone, but not for items with damage or enchantments.

I’m here to tell you about a new item, the lootwhore’s dream filter, the one and only GT6 Item Filter Block!

This baby comes equipped with luxury 9x6 item grid to place ghosts of items into the filter. Don’t want apples? Void them! No more slotting in more filter items, you’ve got room here to have your own ghost item harem!

Right clicking a ghost toggles modes between unenchanted base gear, and the super duper special WILDCARD mode which ignores everything. Don’t want your 10,000th Book of Materials on Coal? This mode’s for you! Enchanted 48.023% durability leather boots clogging your pipes? Wildcard that crap!

Take your loot chest and hopper that baby into your favorite item pipe, and connect the pipe to any neutral side of the item filter block. The main output should connect to a pipe going to an ender garbage bin. Finally add a restricted item pipe as a second route from the hopper toward you other storage for things you kept.

Disclaimer: affiliate links to item filter block creation are fiction. Use only under adult supervision. Do not ingest item filter block.