It takes a WHILE to load

Every time I load my world it takes like a solid minute, basically every time I move to a new chunk my game freezes for at least a few seconds, any recommendations for fixes? It’s somewhat bearable with low render distance, but it still makes combat nearly impossible.

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Are you close to an Ocean? If so maybe stay afk for a while in that area, the ocean might be flooding things at that very moment.

You could disable Ocean Water and start a new World though, that might work too, if you are in a new world anyways.

Yeah, I am close to an ocean, but it is just as bad in the end, are there any files I could have missed for optimization? If so where could I check for them? When I checked task manager, it was eating up a lot of CPU and Memory even when the game is paused, and the freezes don’t seem to line up with any change in CPU/Memory usage.

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If the game window is freezing, it might be caused by not enough memory. You might want to allocate more memory to Minecraft. If you want to be sure, you can press F3 to show the debug menu, you should be able to find memory status on the top right corner of the menu and see if the game freezing match up with the memory getting full.
(do note that it is generally not recommended to allocate more than 8GB memory as old minecraft is very poorly optimized and might cause memory leak)

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It shows the same thing, it’s pretty high usage, but isn’t capping out at any point