Is Industrialcraft 2 dead?


I know the question of is X dead, is kind of redundant but i want to know what the people in this forum think about the current going Status of IC² …

I personally am 90% Sure the mod will die out more than it already is. The mod ain’t open source Updates are fairly non existend and the playerbase is tired of the same machines without any new addition, since like greg and the Team remade the mod in 1.6.4 .

I find it just pathetic and that even though its my favourite mod of all time i like so many others started the whole Modded mc journey through this mod.

And even if it does Update, without any new Things added the competition is just too strong, like we have Tech Reborn which 1:1 just does the same as ic2 but also has gregtech 2 mixed in there.

Also if you have a Look at “ftb industrial contraptions” on Curse or their new modpack you will find that even the ftb Team doesn’t want to wait for the next Update.

But i want to hear your opinions!


Currently, ic2 is dead. The team had plans to port it to newer versions but that is no longer a priority. I’m not sure why they stopped updating the mod but honestly it is in a pretty awkward stop right now. Many mods are much better alternatives to ic2 as you said so you might as well live with that.


Yeah, TechReborn in my opinion has some weird devs but the mods they make are pretty good.

Isn’t it funny how only one person cared enough to answer this thread? I feel like nobody defending the mod is a pretty clear way of saying “yep it’s dead”

Anyways IC2 experimental is shit, i much prefer the IC2 Classic by Speiger which is also much more stable in my experience.

If you really wan’t IC2 experimental, just go with Gregtech which gives a much better experience.

I wonder if any new devs are going to come and make IC2 themselves or another fork which mimics the whole mod.

I feel like they should at least explain themselves nobody knows the current state and no clear answers other than “it’s being worked on” are given.

The best decision they could make is going open-source but that is not going to happen in a million years.

So yeah i guess it’s dead.


Aging code base? Lack of dev motivation and time? Constantly changing API and no support from the primary vendor for modding? Years of abuse by the player base? Demands made against their own hard work?

They don’t owe anyone a thing. They spent their time writing something in a difficult environment, and moved on.


Oh right sorry, when you posted this thread i was so tired that i felt like “eh I will answer tomorrow”, which then turned into “oops i forgot about it”. XD

The Main Reason why IC2 is dead is because Copyright. Player loves to threaten to sue people over it, if you dont have any sort of deal with him, such as shared Curse revenue. So there is no way for anyone else to port anything with its original Assets, API or Code.

Also someone over at the IC2 Forums decided to delete the GregTech Main Thread in its entirety, while the GregTech Categories and other Threads still exist. Now I would understand that me officially abandoning the IC2 Forums, closing my Thread, and leaving a Link to my Websites could be considered a problem by certain people, but my closed Thread kept existing for at least another year before they randomly took it down!

Hope that IC2Exp will ever come back is pretty much nonexistent for me.

As for @Speiger and IC2Classic, I cant talk for him. All I can do is ping him. :wink:


Yeah they don’t owe anyone a thing but they have the power over the mod and like greg said it’s very unlikely they are going to give anyone control over the project, because of this “Stubbornness” it’s going to die.

But whatever it is not like there are no good alternatives, just sad to see such a classic die.


industrial craft 2 is getting updated to 1.18.1 forge and fabric. The process is slow but it is there. Here is a link (currently crashes on load because they are very early in the porting process) : IC2 » 1.18 #9 [Jenkins]


Also IC2Classic is right now in the beta.
While a closed beta it is content wise ahead of Exp. While exp has basic machines included
Classic is basically in its final test playthrough and awaits 1.18 to be fully finished.