Is Industrial Craft makes GT6 Easier?

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                                                          -Captain Obvious

Yes probably, there is Crops that you can do, and some other Stuff. I am pretty sure I removed the most overpowered things from it though. :wink:

Which thing would you think makes it easier?


Well i heared it makes GT6 a way more easier but if GT6 nerfs industrial craft how do you think, should i install it in my modpack for my letsplay-guide if i said that i want to show GT6 with all additions (except thaumcraft because with it and GT6 my pc will burn -_-)?


I have IC2 experimental installed and while it does provide machines that can automate and make processes easier, you typically will have a harder time constructing them due to how Gregtech tiers materials and parts. Recipes have also been altered to fit more in line with the progression, for instance a simple IC2 generator is built up of a full fledged GT electric generation setup, burning box, boiler, turbine, dynamo, etc.
On top of that electric output of IC2 machines is far less than what is required for most GT machines and you may miss out on most byproducts by using machines such as the macerator.

I suggest you try it and see for yourself.