Is GregTech 6 multicore?

I just feel curious about, does GT6 support a multithread calculations ?


There is possible that my knowledge is wrong, so please don’t trust me at all.:sweat:

1.7 Minecraft doesn’t support multithread, so I guess GT6 doesn’t support.
(Above 1.8 MC can support 4 core.)

I heard Optifine(client-side) and bukkit(thermos) server plugin called “MinetickMod” can support multithread.
Optifine can support 4 core but it sometimes causes several problems you know.

Here is my idea that can reduce lag.

  1. Upgrade your PC.
  2. Separete client and server by two PCs.
  3. Install reducing lag mods such as BetterFps, Optifine, Fastcraft and so on.
  4. Write currect JVM arguments. Add more RAM.
  5. Change Nvida GPU setting if it seems Java doesn’t use GPU.
  6. Close other applications.
  7. Do CPU overclock.
  8. Use SSD.

The only thing GT6 uses Threads for is the Downloading of the Supporter Lists and Startup Messages. Everything else is kindof forced to be in the same Thread in some regard. Sure it is possible to Multithread some things, but I didnt get to that yet, nor do I think I will put that much effort in it for GT6.