Inventory Management Question

Hi everyone,

My friends and I just reached the point in our ore processing chain where we now have the Crusher>Sluice>Centrifuge>Shredder assembly (pictured below).

The issue we are having is that the shredder emits a monstrous amount of 1/72nd dusts for a huge variety of unique dusts (there are some like 700 unique dusts in GT6). We do not yet have a roaster, so a single periodic table arrangement of item barrels isn’t enough storage space to account for the large amount of unique dusts.

In order to handle this amassing of 1/72nd dusts, I wanted to make a sort of dust funnel chain pictured here:

The input chest contains a variety of 1/72nd dusts. It feeds into a hopper set to emit exact stack size of 8 which is fed into a dust funnel set to tiny. I have a hopper connected below the initial hopper, this is connected to a redstone torch signal via an item sensor that is set to emit a signal when the first hopper has less than 8 items in it (not enough to make a tiny dust). However, the hopper is simply too fast at pulling, so the item sensor is continually on even if I feed it multiple stacks of 64 dusts at a time.

Is there a way to slow down the item extraction so that the item sensor can turn off when there are indeed more than 8 items in the hopper?


Tentative solution involves putting an item pipe at the “leftover” hopper to slow down its output speed, but I feel like there’s a better way to do this since it will still grab the initial stack of 1/72nd regardless if it’s a stacksize of 8 or not.


Having 4 High Capacity Hoppers (emitting 8 at a time) point into the Dust Funnel and running a Pipe above the 4 Hoppers should be sufficient. No need for Sensors or Redstone at all.


That’s a good idea, I hadn’t considered using the hoppers internal inventory as the storage, too used to using lead haha


You should run the pipe into a wall of Mass Storages / Item Barrels before running it into your Dust Piling Machine though, that way you dont risk overflowing it, especially at times when you dont have good Hoppers. :wink:


I just use few overflow chests at the end of my barrel wall so I have enough time to add new barrels when needed.