Integrated versus Standalone Server

Simple question. Will Mechaenetia ship with an integrated server?


Simple Question, questionable answer:
Singleplayer is basically gonna be a User Interface plus the Server. Mainly to simplify Code. Both will likely load separately though, so we dont end up with the SideOnly Garbage of MC.

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I’m going to recommend against integration - I think that’s what you wrote, too. I think it would be easier in every respect to let the launcher handle “singleplayer” by silently running a server in the background - set to refuse all external connections - and running the client set to localhost. Maybe you can add a special menu later on to control the server from in the client UI - that would work for localhost and for remote servers where the player is admin.

ETA: I think a good first concrete step for the project overall - assuming your build system is up and running - would be to make a dummy client and dummy server. Let the protocol be a most rudimentary handshake, a keep-alive, and a quit message. Let the client just be a single button to quit, and the server just outputs to a log when clients connect and quit.

Once you have that you can build a most rudimentary launcher and implement two functions, 1) launching the client and 2) launching the server.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and these are tangible goals. :slight_smile:


Okay my wording was apparently fucked up too, yeah I meant “user Interface” + “server” in the sense of running two things at the same time. XD

Edit: And you edited the moment I have hit confirm on my message.

The most tangible one would be to finally look at the amethyst tutorials in more detail, instead of being distracted by other more meaningless tasks like setting up a raspberry pi as DNS blocker.


After the Pong thing, you can probably find most of what you need here