Incompatibility with VillageNames

Think there might be a conflict with villagenames and putting gown gregtech chests, specifically a building called a weaponsmith is giving issue to the chest cast,
crash-2023-06-24_16.45.46-server.txt (15.4 KB)

VillageNames is a village generator mod that plays a bit with how they are created and maintained.

What do you think? It’s probably possible to disable that particular building but I’m not sure if it’s just the one that is has issue with.


Okay the Indev Version should have this fixed.

I just wont replace Blacksmith Chests with my Version whenever Village Names is installed.


Yep, it’ll take a while for the pregenerator to go through the chunks but I haven’t received any errors where as last time there were a good few in the first generations. Cheers Greg, looks to be working.