In GT6, is it possible to get molten stuff from a pipe/tank into a crucible in exact amounts?

In GT6, is it possible to get molten stuff from a pipe/tank into a crucible in exact amounts?

EDIT: Marked as solved, even though there’s no definitive answer on it yet.
Will update if a definitive answer arises.

As the title suggests, can i move molten stuff from a pipe to a crucible in exact amounts?
As a side question to this, is is possible to move molten stuff from a crucible into a pipe?

I want to make alloys. The only way i can see how to make them is by smelting two or more materials in a crucible. However, if i could pre-heat some stuff it would simplify the process. Especially as some alloy recipes require alloys as ingredients.
Of course this is all about batching and automation so it’s not really a problem if i just throw stuff in manually.

And on that similar vein, what would stop me from smelting say all my iron and storing it in tanks and then using molds to have a dispenser of whatever type i want? Which of course would be unrealistic at best.


That is what the Smelter is for, not the Crucible. :wink:

You can manually dump Fluids from a Drum to a Crucible using the Measuring Pot, and the Measuring Pot can be set to have a very specific Capacity, see Tooltip on how to set that.

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So what you are saying is, it’s possible to store molten metal indefinitely in tanks/drums etc?

My question of course is for automatically, not manually. So it’s not possible to fill the crucible (automatically) any other way aside from another crucible with a faucet i take it then?


Have you tried dumping in Stuff via Pipes? I’m not sure if its already possible, but it definitely works on Molds, and Crucibles do work a little bit like Molds too.

The Smelter is for automatic, same for the Mixer Recipes for certain Metals.

And yes you can store molten Metal indefinitely, heck even Steam can be stored in Pipes indefinitely. Making it become Solid or cold over time would be a ginormous hassle for everyone.


I have tried it but i never managed to get stuff from crucible into pipes. Or the other way around.
But since you say it might be possible, that’s at least not a definitely no.



From Crucible to Pipes = NOPE
From Pipes to Crucible = MAYBE

But interacting with Buckets and such does work both ways.


smelter+mixer (and progressive iron production) is your way


Why did you have to make it sound so obvious for?

I read that and immediately realized you were talking about molten alloy and then it all fell into place…
I had never considered that the mixer would be able to mix liquid metals into an alloy.

EDIT: To be fair though, in my mind. Alloys happen by mixing AND heating. Not just pouring two molten metals together and mixing them. Doing that IRL would solidify them into a multi colored lollipop.


cause in my time i just tryed NEI
and I don’t see other obvious things)
also we need crucible recipe for stainless steel from cupronickel, i boiled lots of times when smelting this


I wonder why it took so long. XD

And the mixer only works for certain Recipes, not all of them.


Because you had separation between the two.

I really never did consider mixing the molten metals. I was so dead set of throwing dusts and ingots in someplace to where i actually believed alloying could only be done in a crucible.

I did at one point think that the smelter might be able to do alloying though. I checked for it with the molten product of an alloy but i never saw a “smelter” tab. In doing so i must have just skimmed over the mixer tab.

By the way, i haven’t actually acquired tungsten yet. I still need to do a lot of alloying but you know, i keep trying to figure out ways of improving my crucible setup. Not really thinking about the other machines that could do better things.


You can try large crucibles now. They are nice to produce mass of alloy even in late game.


I don’t have tungsten yet.