I want to mod this and Permission to look into mod

Ik myself that title itself is sounds so vague
(I bad at title)

What I want to do is just change how machine texture work a bit
Not much but like a little extension

First time I think about this,I just wanna change only steam boiler and burning box(about it normal and stronger version)
But it seems to be too small for extending

So I plan to change more things,just things that I thought it can be better
Ex. Multi block machine fully formed texture (texture that display when multi blocks is building right), changing how some machine render , more display sounds for certain event like steam pressure too much(so you will be more cautious next time),more particles a bit(Ex. Pressure value releasing gas)

So maybe that enough to be called extension

I must admit that I had looked the gregtech 6 open source code from GitHub

Also I was going to made gregtech 6 texture packs too,but found out someone was already did it

It really looking great,I must said,I a bit jealous even though I made different style from you

This is the longest topic I ever written
You can ask back anything
because I’m afraid I may made some people misunderstood again


You do have permission to look into GT6 and make your own personal Fork of it if you like.

The things you want to do likely need you to make a Fork instead of an Addon, as my own Code does not have an API to just change the Boiler Texture, apart from Texturepacks.


So what should I name that fork?
Maybe “render change” or something, I’m not sure

My first plan is create a whole new render method separate from the multi tile entity code itself so you can separate the six variant of burning box texture (three type,two version)
And easier to change how it display in the future

I will tried this with only burning box first
If this method is good then I might improves, optimizing and applied this further to others multi tile entity


Question,what does GitHub work
flow does?
Is it build the mod and publish it on GitHub action tab?

Maybe I should use this topic and a thread for discussion about the mod too


This is my concept of what I’m going to do first

I must admit that I didn’t good at programming that much

Anyone can correct me for this concept or said what do you think about this


Yeah uh, well, good luck with that. :ok_hand: