I want to know where the rubbish from the End Dumpster comes from

Yesterday, when I added the synthetic table of the end garbage heap to the server, I found that most of the eggs coming out of the garbage heap were eggs, but there will be some custom NPC things coming out, and these things have no recipe in the server (and they The durability is negative!) And a large number of GC’s Dess Pickaxes, in addition to many Rc creosyl oil barrels, electric locomotives, etc. These have not been done but all appear in the garbage dump, so I want to ask Where is the garbage from the garbage dump collected?


How long did you accumulate all the Garbage? There was some Data Corruption in it up until somewhen last Year, resulting in Items not being saved and loaded properly, so you get weird other Items instead.

As for the Eggs and other Mob drops, every Item that happens to despawn will end up in that Garbage too, including Items Dead Players had when they didnt get back to their death point in time.


It ’s probably last August until now. It ’s been a bit long. If you say that, there should be no problem. The data is indeed damaged. Thank you for your reply.


But what causes data errors and will they happen again?


Oh that was a Forge Bug, dont worry about it, I found a workaround and newer GT6 Versions should never have that specific thing happen again. :wink:

Forge is needlessly resetting the Block and Item IDs (to what they were before loading the save file) after the Server shuts down. Guess what happens during Server Shutdown. Right I was saving the Garbage into a File, and Forge decided to randomize all Item and Block IDs.

This reset is absolutely not needed as it sets the Block and Item IDs when loading the Save File too! Its essentially resetting it twice for no reason.