I tried to use a jug with molten red steel on a mold and nothing happened. I think something should happen!

I was just making a bunch of stuff and i needed another red steel hammer.
I thought to myself “hmm, what if i put molten red steel in a jug and ‘poured’ it onto a mold?”

Well, it saddened me that nothing happened.
I fetched a stainless steel barrel and a funnel with the barrel set to emit vertically and placed it on top of the mold and poured the contents of the jug into the barrel via the funnel and i got my hammer head.

My suggestion is simple really, allow jugs to empty their contents into molds directly.

In fact, i thought it would be really cool if this was part of the progression early on. Most everyone makes ceramic crucibles at the start. Why not make it so you’d somehow (haven’t thought of details though) have to start by picking up molten metals and stuff with a jug and pour them into molds.
This would of course only be early on, with ordinary methods that exist today being used later?

IMHO it would be cool for the immersion.


Ah yeah I think i only didnt really do that because Fluid Containers are a mess to work with. That was why the Drum Funnel solution was the “intended” way to do it.