I pass the small test

I skip 2 times and pass the small test.
Thank you so much!

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Which test to be exactly? Did you scroll up after all the stuff and look at the image of the capybara? Did you give it herb?

Sorry,I didn’t describe this problem clearly.
This small test:

Discobot asked me to send a picture to him,I do that,but he doesn’t let me pass this small test.

I guess this is because I use my phone,(If not,don’t hit me:grinning:)but I’m not sure about that.

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if you fail with the image the first time Discobot will send you a gif and asks you to do that. Meaning the original Task of sending an Image got replaced by the Task of posting that gif. :wink:

Oh and if you look at the badges and see that “Licensed” Badge, not even I have that, because the Advanced User Tutorial doesnt exist here. Just the basic one. ^^

I see.Thank you so much!
However,before your reply,I skip 2 times and pass the small test.
(I am a Chinese,and I can only use translation software to reply you,so my language may be not suitable and respact.Please forgive me!)
I am a GT player and your fan,thank you for making GregTech mod!

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More likely, you never asked for it :wink:

I had to skip the image task as well, despite adding images to the thread…

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