I have some feelings and thoughts after playing GT6 for a period of time


I’ve been playing gt6 for a long time. Let’s talk about my feelings and thoughts here.

First of all, I have to admit that gt6 is really a good mod. It has good balance, good compatibility and stability. Perhaps the main disadvantage is that the texture is too ugly and the earlygame is difficult.

The main problem now is that when you play to the lategame, because the main content of GT6 is completed before 2020, many things are not carefully considered due to rush work, resulting in material stacking in the later stage, which will lead to the boring process of playing. When you have the ability to produce crystal processors (which only requires cryo distillation tower and HV laser engraver), you will feel that you have the ability to manufacture those “ultimate equipment” (such as bedrock ore mining drill, matter fabricator and replicator, fission and fusion reactor, logistics core, etc.), but because they require a lot of materials, And you don’t have enough production efficiency, so the main content of the game becomes to collect a lot of raw materials and find ways to improve production capacity, rather than trying to impact the next technical point. In this way, you lack the joy of “finally developing new technology”. Especially for me, I only have 2 hours of playing time every week. When you finally end a boring week of learning at the weekend (for example, recently I was studying literature history, the knowledge points are very discrete and have no correlation with each other, and the learning is very dry and boring), open gt6 to have fun. As a result, you played for 2 hours, You’ve been doing things that are very repetitive, which will make you feel really disappointed.

There have been many good ideas about gt6, such as hidden antimatter materials, more complex and interesting petrochemical industry, and more complex crystal processor manufacturing (I once proposed super cleanroom, although this proposal was rejected). Unfortunately, due to the slower development progress than expected and the deadline in 2020, It is a pity that they have not been realized.

This is why I have been talking about more complex material processing recently, because this is one of the ways to make the later stage more interesting without much change to the existing techtree, at least not so boring.

I know that gt6 has been trying to add more interesting things recently, such as sandwiches, but these things have nothing to do with the theme of mod - industrial development, which leads to you still being bored when you follow the “normal” process.

As for why not replace with gt6u, since 6.12, the two branches have been separated more and more far, and there is a dislocation between some tileentity and material ID, which may cause problems if the current gt6 archive is directly replaced with gt6u, and I don’t like some changes of gt6u (for example, I modified the height of the distillation tower and the way to obtain chromium, which made it too difficult to obtain chromium in the early stage). This led to that although gt6u added some things I wanted, I didn’t intend to play.

As for mechaenentia, I don’t know when I can play it. With the current development progress, I may have to wait until 2024 to play it…

The following is a list of things I want. I really hope to add these things to gt6. Although it may not be completed, I really hope:

Use of ruthenium and rhodium (I don’t want them to be just “expensive waste” or can only be put into matter fabricator)

Boron neutron absorber

Ammonia synthesis and more explosives

Those multiblock machines I mentioned earlier

Large energy storage device

More complex Petrochemicals (for example, you can crack more things, catalytic reforming, more polymers, etc.)Also, I really can’t accept getting rubber from slime, especially I have a cousin of a doctor of petrochemical industry!

procress of niobium

recipe of superconductors

Vacuum freezer, is used to obtain ultra-low temperature fluid, such as liquid helium, to manufacture superconductor. Due to different refrigeration methods, it directly accepts EU instead of CU of semiconductor cooler, and is compatible with all recipes of freezer!

More logistics machines (Regulators, distributors, buffers, etc.)


Advanced solar panel

More batteries, such as lithium ion batteries and graphene batteries.

More uses of lithium (as mentioned earlier, there is too much lithium from processing tungsten, and I don’t need so many lithium batteries at all!)

Extract more from the rocks of other planets in galacticraft

Cryogenic distillation of the atmosphere of other planets

More uses of naquadah


Pretty much all the things you want to be added to gt6 already exist in GTNH. I you haven’t already, install the pack and have some painful fun (just like any gregtech)


No pain w/o more mobs, suffering and starvation, tornados, and evil mages hunting you down.


Pretty sure Greg said something along the lines of not wanting to add more content to GT6 and that as a whole the project has been more or less completed. I don’t think he will retract on that in the future, so don’t expect him to do anything but bugfixes/edits/mod compat, even by 2024 :rofl:

That aside, if you want more stuff to play with, just do it yourself. The GT6U guys did their fork. On a basic level you could do absolutely anything you listed with scripts even without any coding knowledge, if you knew what you were doing. The new horizons team wrote mods, forks, scripts to make the pack exactly what they wanted. Take a page from their book.

Greg has given you the means. It’s up to you to use the tools now.


The issue with GT6U is it depends on a few Devs who often have to deal with school and such, so it is abandoned for a lot of random months, and does not contain all of my bugfixes and improvements.

And yeah I am not really working on actual Features anymore, unless they feel really necessary. :wink:


Extremely different gameplay, so not really a useful suggestion?

People could always open PR’s or make a mod on GT6. ^.^


Uhhh…The reason why I don’t want to modify it myself is that such content is not official.This is because I am a contributor to mcmod.cn. This encyclopedia contains thousands of MODS and their materials, including gt6. One problem with this encyclopedia is that it is not a wiki, and each item/block strictly corresponds to an entry, which is no problem for early mod, such as IC2. However, for gt6, there are a lot of the same composite tables in gt6, but there is no way to add them in batch, so you will feel very cumbersome and boring to add them manually. And I have a little obsessive-compulsive disorder due to long-term editing (I have insisted on editing at least once a day for nearly a year). When you finish editing all the “interesting” content, there are only these boring content left. That’s why I’ve been longing for gt6 to officially realize these things. Maybe I’m a little selfish, but this is my real idea.


Omg. That mod encyclopedia website is AMAZING! How have i not heard of it before??
Is there an english version or do i have to just use automatic google translate?


Sorry, it is only available in Chinese. Of course, Google translation can, but pay attention to the translation errors of some special terms. In addition, in order to protect copyright, the text in the “tutorial” section may be prohibited from copying.