I don't know how to fill fluid burning boxes

I have some creosote oil from my coke oven, I put it in a bucket, but I cant seem to get it into the burning box. I have tried using a funnel and piping directly from the coke oven, but nothing seems to work.

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pipes, pipes and pipes again. most of blocks don’t have GUI and capasity

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Coke Ovens will output their Creosote to Tanks and Pipes below them, this can then be routed to the Liquid Burning Boxes using Pipes. ^^

Try to avoid using Wooden Pipes or anything Flammable near the Burning Boxes, since Burning Boxes do cause Fires in those cases. :wink:


If you are playing in a normal GT6 world, you probably can make much bronze. So you can make many bronze drums and pipes. Low heat extruder is also helpful when making many pipes (but it works only with some metals/alloys).

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