How will the artistic style like in mechaenetia

Will it just as same as GregTech6? In gregtech, every generation had a unique style. How will you draw those things now?
In addition, gregtech is forus on machines and materials, but mechaenetia will contain every kind of blocks, and what will these things look like?


About mechaenetia…
Is it gonna be a voxel rendered game? Or still using polygons but blocky (like MC)?
When is mechaenetia gonna be expected to be playable?


Game Plans Not sure if this will answer all your questions, but I suggest looking through here.


Textures will technically not be a thing. Everything is gonna be a 3D Voxel Model of sorts, with something comparable to a 32x32 resolution in Minecraft, if we go by the Scale of Steve. Effectively, imagine Steve was ~4 Blocks Tall and ~2 Blocks Wide, and that would be the feeling of Scale you get. Also 45° Slopes will be a thing.


Thanks for the link!

“Because NPCs are not really the brightest people, they need some form of Religions to “guide their lives”.”

Really Greg, you’re going to judge billions of people as not bright? Not cool.


Yes I actually am. Religions, Politics and Culture have done a lot of bad things in the World, including to me. And people who cant do good things without believing in such things are just as bad. People should just be themselves without grouping up because of arbitrary beliefs.

I don’t get how people always forget how bad Fascism is and how it originates from people forming really big Groups with a Goal, no matter what the Goal of said Group is…

That’s why I encourage people to actually think for themselves instead of going by some sort of Group mentality, and to be a good person regardless of any sort of Group they ended up being part of. :wink:


So then your problem isn’t specifically just with religious people? It’s with any kind of group whose members ignorantly follow whatever that group says? I mean, if that’s the case then yeah; I can agree that people who choose not to think for themselves are not too bright. However I would like to point out that there are many religious people who don’t blindly follow everything that they are told. Who are naturally good without having to be taught how, and who call out the evils and corruption (like mega-churches) within their own religions. Science through the ages has been propelled forward by religious and non-religious alike; something that takes bright minds to accomplish. For sure, any big group is going to have good and bad members, free-thinkers and non-free thinkers. Those who consider themselves of that group, yet at the same time criticize its faults and try to change it for the better. And unfortunately, as humans, we still have “monkey brain” ingrained a bit in us. It’s human nature to group up and cooperate with those we feel most comfortable with and also be greedy. I think even the most benevolent of people fall victim to their “monkey brain” every so often, even if just a bit.

I’m just trying to say here that there is so much more variety of religious people than the non-thinking ones and that what you felt you had to say about them was an unnecessary jab.


I think you kinda pointed out what Greg is referring to here.
Also in terms of the game plans I think ‘Religion’ is just a way to explain away the AI programming logic and player game mechanics. In a sense ‘Religion’ is just a set of laws humans unquestionably follow.


Yep that is exactly it. :wink:

There is always black sheep in large groups that end up wanting to take control over the mindless followers, and that is the real problem.
Heck, there is always people that intentionally join those groups to screw them over, or large companies pretending to be “Inclusive” and Stuff by changing their Logo to be all rainbows during June, despite actively bullying LGBTQ+ members of their workforce…

I personally know a german Rightwing Politician (he happens to be a Bus Driver, otherwise I would stay away from those people), that literally got bullied out of the Party for not being extreme enough…

Where there is a large enough Group, there is always at least one bad person trying to win over the mindless Followers, and once that happens, the good and critical thinking Followers will be bullied out of the Group or silenced to the point that the entire Group gets corrupted.

I live in Bavaria, which is a place in Germany, where a lot of people have been “shat into the brain” by a political Party called the “Christian Social Union”, which resulted in a LOT of discrimination against Migrants, LGBTQ+ and Poor people. You can probably understand why I hate Religion, Politics and “Culture” so much…

Yeah, I need some way to make a large variety of NPCs that differ depending on the Region they live in and the local Culture. That said I might not end up painting the most favorable image of those concepts. Especially if I want some NPC Groups to be at war with each other. (this is a game after all, and it would be boring if we had World Peace there XD)


I see, then I really do agree with you. There certainly are people (who may or may not actually be religious) who use religion as a tool to get what they want. Like those pastors who make millions in tithes with their megachurches or those that told the more mindless “the world is ending on this specific date, take this opportunity to give me all your money and earthly possessions”. I’m sorry for the off-topic politics in your forum. I just have friends and family who I consider really good people and are religious, so I get defensive when I think they’re being dismissed as stupid.


That is why I am always nice by default. Because I cant just judge each individual before I see if they are good or bad. And in the majority of cases it takes days before I notice that a bad person is actually bad, and until that point I am still nice to them.

Most people judge by first impression for some stupid reason, I judge by observing how they interact with others (or me), which takes quite a while to do.

While I do not count Membership in most Groups as a thing to judge Individuals by, I sadly see it very often how those Groups act on a larger scale, which is my actual gripe with them.