How to use tick acceleration items with GT6 machines?

Title. I have tried to use Torcherinos (and other items that can accelerate tile entities) on some GT6 machines (such as the Dryer) but whenever I’ve tried, they stop working (running is “possible”, apparently) and start making a rapid clicking sound. The weird thing is that it works with some machines but not others. Is there just some mechanic I’m missing or is it straight up not possible?


When Inventory Updates happen, they set a boolean Flag, and that Flag is reset after a tick. If the Tickrate suddenly increases for some dumb stupid reason, it will mess that up.

In addition, Fluid Pipes work outside of the normal ticking system, so they still end up transferring the exact same amount they did without the Torcherino.

I would highly recommend you to keep Torcherinos away from any GT6 Machine, as it will likely lead to explosions, when it comes to things like Boilers or Crucibles.

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