How to translate craponite correctly

Craponite is supposed to be a self-made word, which leads to the Chinese documents can not be translated normally, the current Chinese documents translated it into a “burnt shit stone”…
So, @Gregorius how do you think the translation is appropriate?


I am unsure as to how to translate a Word that was made up by the creators of the TV Series South Park. (It was in the “Cash 4 Gold” Episode)

Considering how Puns are not exactly a good or allowed thing in China, you should probably give it a “crappy” name. the “-onite” Ending of the Word likely comes from Kryptonite or similar Crystals.

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Screenshot of this episode translated by YYeTs Sub.

Fair use © 2015 South Park Digital Studios LLC.

The reasons that Team NED adopted “焦屎石” are:

  • We follow the naming convention of Chinese Wikipedia of translating foreign names.
  • There are no official source of how Craponite should be translated.
  • “焦屎” is the only existed reliable translation of it.
  • “石” is common suffix for “-onite”. (e.g. “氪星石” for Kryptonite)

We are open for any further suggestions of our translation work.


This is exactly the Scene I took those things from, so yeah go ahead. I dont know Chinese that well (or at all) so you have to decide. :wink: