How to enable semi vanilla mode

Hi gregtech 6 is one of my favorite mods I have already created several modpacks with gregtech 6 but I had the idea of playing gregtech 6 with a different way I wanted to play with vanilla ore smelting
and some modified recipes I didn’t find anything on the internet about gregtech 6 with vanilla ore smelting. I know gregtech 6 wasn’t made for casual players by any means but all gregtechs have a vanilla mode. I hope you help me sorry if my English is bad


Uhm what is Vanilla Mode? And why is this the first time I have ever heard that even though I made the thing?

Iron and Gold need the Crucible, doesn’t even need to be a big or complicated one, just make a Ceramic one and an Ingot Mold and use a Brick Burning Box to fuel it.


That’s where all the rocks taste like vanilla, in truth it sounds like they are searching for a setting that doesn’t exist. Shirowolf can you say what other gregtechs have a vanilla mode?


my idea is that you can use the furnace to make iron and other metals but if you want to process the ores you will be forced to use the crucible. and vanilla mode would mean you have most or all recipes modified back to vanilla.
for example. In Gregtech 5 you can ​modify the difficulty of overrided recipes.


maybe you can give MineTweaker a try. and believe me, using a crucible is NECESSARY in your game process. Also,vanilla furnace could be replaced by gt6 oven. It enables auto input and output, and is much faster than vanilla furnace.


interesting but how to use MineTweaker
If you could send me a tutorial I have never used MineTweaker


Greg posted the addon here:

Though I don’t know how to write scripts, either. :expressionless:


I’ve replied to that with my mtutils recipes, but usually you won’t need mtutils to add a recipe to the furnace. That being said Gregtech makes some hard changes to rule out other mods furnace recipes so it might overwrite an iron recipe too, best way to find out would be to try it.

This is my furnace script:

#for adding fuels
furnace.setFuel(<minecraft:leaves:*>, 50);
furnace.setFuel(<IC2:itemBiochaff>, 50);
furnace.setFuel(<IC2:itemFuelPlantBall>, 50);

#for adding recipes
//(output, input, xp amount)
#chem tube
furnace.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.meta.chemtube>, <gregtech:gt.meta.dustTiny:8100>, 0.3);

#Glass Bottle
furnace.addRecipe(<minecraft:glass_bottle>, <gregtech:gt.meta.dustSmall:8100>, 0.25);

#Calcite ingot, Chunk and Nugget  //output, input
furnace.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.meta.ingot:9107>, <gregtech:gt.meta.dust:9107>);
furnace.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.meta.chunkGt:9107>, <gregtech:gt.meta.dustSmall:9107>);
furnace.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.meta.nugget:9107>, <gregtech:gt.meta.dustTiny:9107>);

I’m sure you can work out any iron ingot recipes you want. Hold an item and type /mt hand to get its name, you can check this site for documentation too.

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