How to do parallel automation with the Logistics Core

I wonder how to use the system to build up more than one automation for one material.
For example, how to output the materials in the mass storage, like bronze ingots, into both bending machine and cable machine, at the same time evenly?
(I don’t mean providing 128 ingots and let them filling up the two machines,I mean having like 10 ingots and output them to the two machines evenly, 5 to 5)


Even Distribution in that sense does not exist yet. But I might add some way to limit the emitted Stacksizes on those Exports so you only have up to 1 Ingot in each machine at any given time for example.

You can also use an actual Filter Block and tell it all the ingot types you wanna have inserted there, and then attach a GENERIC Export Cover onto that Filter Block. Everything is nice and Modular :wink:

Edit: Also again mentioning it here, dont put the Storage Covers on the Logistics Mass Storages, that’s not how they work, the Logistics Mass Storages “just work” without any covers needed.


Aaaaand I added the Regulator Modes for the Item Import and Export Covers.


OK, got that.

Thanks for your answering! :upside_down_face: